Hands on Clinical Application SAMPLE Line up

During the clinical application students will have the opportunity to  

  • Observe and perform hands on care on Volunteers and various patients with various foot and nail conditions. 
  • Charting 
  • Instrumentation selection 
  • Podiatric drill training
  • Debridement techniques of various skin and nail conditions (use of scalpel, ect.)
  • Nail bracing and various padding techniques 
  • Attain skills to recognize and manage the high risk foot
  • Attain skills to handle the psycho-social effects of Alzheimer’s/Dementia patients needing Advanced Diabetic Foot Care Foot Care ( Pain management, aggression and anxiety) – Abbey Pain Scale
  • Infection control,  prevention and process of instruments using ultrasonic cleaner, autoclave and biological indicators.
  • Gain skills to perform Ankle-Brachial Index (ABI) testing. Using a Doppler unit, students will perform ABIs to screen for PAD and determine patient suitability for compression therapy.
  • Product selection and supplies
  • Guest Speakers in the field of Foot Care
  • One on one shadowing with an experienced Advanced Diabetic Foot Care nurse ( no extra fee )
  • Difference between venous and arterial wounds in the lower limbs
  • PPE Package hand picked by TiredSole™ Team ( what we use most of )
  • Nursing edicate when entering a new LTC or residential facility

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