Business 2.0 weekend

Total Success

How much info is too much info ?

WE Call it Business FootPrint 2.0

In the over seven years that I have been teaching and mentoring nurses from all nursing specialties, I often witness the same principal regarding the profession; many nursing professionals are not business administrators. The majority I have had the privilege to teach have very little background in Accounting and Administrative practices. As Health Care professionals, nurses chart in a specific charting format pursuant to where they are working and even in this electronic age, some charting is not completed electronically yet. There is a knowledge gap which includes knowing the basics of owning your own business .

Do nurses know about tracking expenses ?

Do nurses know the benefits of being an Entrepreneur ?

Do Nurses know the legal obligations of being a Sole Proprietor ?

Today, the industry is seeing more Health Care professionals with different skill-sets looking to break free from the shift work model and Hospital / Agency restrictions. Support Staff are making a move to private care. We are seeing nurses transitioning to physicians’ practices or small clinics in an effort to go back to providing patients with hands-on care. This was my motivation for becoming a Foot Care Nurse. Even though I loved my job as a wound care nurse in a community setting, I actually worked under guidelines implemented by various contract stakeholders and felt the need to reconnect with client care. 


My name is Lisa and I have over twenty-five years experience in the nursing field including acute care, geriatric, memory care, home care as well as Director of Care of a long term care facility. From these experiences I have taken best practices, and examined what did not work in my field to develop what I do now. To what I do best! TiredSole™ is my Baby and it has grown!! The need was there and the desire for nurses to manage their own careers has joined forces to make TiredSole™ the BEST Foot Care company in the City! 


Many nurses we interview are looking for a more rewarding career with greater autonomy but are intimidated by the fact that many positions are CONTRACT POSITIONS. Business Footprint 2.0 will teach you the benefits of becoming a Sole Proprietor. We will take the fear out of managing your own career by teaching you how to arrange your schedules, and introduce you to the many taxable benefits of self employment such as vehicle, gasoline, insurance and office expenses. 

Knowledge is Power!

I am offering this amazing 2 day course to help myself as well as other Sole Proprietors in the Health Care field. You will benefit from my partnership with a knowledgable Accountant to start us off, and will continue the education with a business guru who will help transition you to think like a Business Ownerwith Branding and Marketing strategies.

Guaranteed to start you up on the right FOOT!

Please respond to if interested in our May 18th and 19th session held from 0900-1700 hours. Class size is limited to 10 individuals at a cost of $350.00 for the weekend.  Book On Line .

Day 1 and 2 include but not limited to : 
Overview of Sole Proprietorship
To incorporate or not to incorporate
Setting up a Business Plan (interactive) step by step- 
(Tablet or Laptop required)
Best Practices for receipt and invoice management 
Amazing demonstrations of new applications and test links for free trials 


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