Another Successful Clinical

June 2019 Hands On Clinical Finished and sent off some amazing Nurses into their new field of Advanced Diabetic Foot Care

A quick shout out to my Team off Nurses who graciously took the time with each student to mentor them in the field ! It slows a Nurse down to teach and educate properly SOOOO thanks very much Alysha, Lori, Becky, Keri as the feedback was amazing. Cathy from CPC gave us some of her time, she of course is so busy fielding questions from new Nurses, she came on line to answer even more questions from our students on best practises and commonly used bits and burs. Alex Whyte from Barrhaven Foot Care our local Chiropodist came out on a Sunday am no less hahah to speak about what his role is and when to refer.

We started off our 4 day clinical with introductions, it’s amazing to hear all the different backgrounds and how each Nurse has chosen very different pathes of Nursing. Always amazes me. We spoke in depth on why each of us has chosen the specialized field of Advanced Diabetic Foot Care, these reasons end up being very similar. The Need !


We got right to hands on learning, moved around and kept sooo busy. Absolutely a whirl wind of information thrown at each student all at once. Very overwhelming is the common terminology used (heheheh) but swear by day 4, it all comes together. It totally did for these ladies. Our Hands on Volunteers all showed up but 1 Grrrr but it happens all too often in the world of Foot Care so you might as well see it for what it is. Unpredictable and flexible is what it is.

I have to say, this has been my smallest class and now that we have decided to cut it off at 5 students, it made for easier and smoother dialog between each Nurse and it allowed for more camaraderie then I thought possible, these students will always stay in touch, i’m sure off it.

OH, we also had past Nurses from our clinical come talk about where Foot Care has taken them.

Was it all that they thought it would be ? Where are they now type questions. Phewwww I did my job well and they all are immersed in the best career ever.

Are You are a Nurse from what ever background in Nursing? Do you need a change? Foot Care is honestly ( oddly enough) the best most satisfying job ever. To have people come in with pain and leave not limping is the best feeling I swear !

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Over and Out till next time

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