My heart is shattered

The Loss of an amazing Nurse

It’s taken a bit of time to let the news settle, little by little the large amount of people affected by the loss of this great woman are slowly trying to move on and deal with their everyday normalities. It’s been weeks since we lost my dear friend Sandi to a head on collision near Revelstoke in BC. Sandi and her husband Paul who was behind the wheel, both lost their lives in a fraction of a second. Paul’s brother was in the car directly behind and had to witness it all. Both Sandi and Paul leave behind 3 boys who I just can’t image the loss they feel and will always feel. My heart aches for them, I think it always will.

Sandi was a huge presence, sweet, kind and say it like it is kinda gal. Totally one of my persons hahah. We used to always laugh because it was 7ish years ago that I started her addiction too Starbucks. Her face was hilarious 😆 that first sip in Kingston, she was most definitely in love with this coffee. We met at the Educators course in Kingston, her from BC and Tannis RN FCN Ed ( they became joined at the hip )

We had continued to stay in touch and when my partnership ended with Foot Care Kingston, we started a whole new friendship of collaboration and dedication to Advanced Diabetic Foot Care. We were able to learn from each other and stand together to help make this practice the best it could be. Sandi and Tannis have the most amazing up to date on line theory for Nurses who want to specialize in Advanced Diabetic Foot Care. These ladies worked timeless on changes, glossaries and step by step online instructions for a guided tour of the programme. It would blow your mind the dedication. I am so humbled to have been part of it. Their passion and excitement of what was to come was palpable and was / is going to be great.

Sandi RN FCN

Tannis and Sandi had just finished the changes to the program to allow us from the East Coast be able to hit on our scope of practice. BC has limitations for RPN’s so this had to be addressed. This dynamic duo were on the Education board of the CAFCN and President and Vice President of a group that helped BC Nurses in Foot Care collaborate on current issues. These ladies are Rock Stars. They taught with Vancouver Community College, Simon Fraser University and Comosun College in Victoria, this is how popular the Theory portion of our course is.

As I try and make piece with this tragic accident, Tannis is left without a partner. What will happen to this ever-growing program ? All I know for sure is that I will work my butt off too help keep Sandi’s vision alive. We will all help hold Tannis up and give her the support and direction as possible.

Please do not stress the small stuff, enjoy life and hug your loved ones – in a fraction of a second it could end.

RIP my beautiful friend, we will never ever forget you ❤️

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