2020 starting off with a BANG

I wanted to give a shout to everyone who has and continued to support me it this crazy venture of mine.  Truth be told, I really had no clue what I was getting myself into. I had a thought that I needed to do something, I needed to help speak up for the many who didn’t have a voice. Our senior population get sold too on a daily basis, they get scammed because of their age and maybe their ignorance of all that’s new in this century. The world has changed and so have the people in it. Working as a community Nurse you see so much, I found that the trust patients hand over to me was incredible and overwhelming at times. What if I couldn’t help them ? It would eat at me ( job hazard ) I saw the raw need for education and proper care for the feet and lower limbs. I had no one to turn to at that time in my career so I found a way to help.

It’s been a wild 5 years and we see 2000 plus people a month, we seem to have a steady stream of 110 new patients on top of the 2000 visits  monthly. We see children, seniors and abled adults seeking help for various issues. My team is incredible ! I can’t stress that enough! I’m nothing, we are nothing without them. I mean come on, I ask if admin can sit and have lunch with me, or Diane to sit have a coffee with me and the answer I always get is No, it’s to busy I’m sorry I can’t ~ what ? who does that ? My team, that’s who. TiredSole™ and this team are dedicated to the patients and to TiredSole™, my baby is their baby. The 10 Nurses, man I can’t even begin with these Nurses of ours, They don’t pee or eat or stop during the days they work. Even when they are off they are checking in and following up. These are caregivers you want tending to you. I’m blessed for sure. SO as I digressed, thank you again for believing in me and my team of amazing humans.

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