February Clinical COMPLETED –

WE had the best time this clinical, lot’s of laughs and hands on skills. We are keeping the groups small to allow for more one on one hands on classes. With the attempt to have the smaller classes, we have been able to drop the days of clinical from 6 days to 4 days. We are able to fill up 25 volunteer spots ( as before) but not longer do the students have to pair up in teams with each volunteer, they now are able to preform the assessments and care individually with a seasoned Foot Care Nurse at their side for comfort and piece of mind.

My amazing Team of Advanced Diabetic Foot Care Nurses have agreed too help shadow each Student prior to starting clinical. This means one on one information sessions the field that has helped ease the stress of the students and given them more confidence going into the program. TiredSole™ absorbs the cost of the shadowing so no extra fee’s will be added to the student. For a limited time we have had PPE supplies kit included in the total cost of the program, this has a value of $650.00. This Kit has everything you need post clinical

I want to give a huge shout out to my team and the volunteers for the great success of this program. Of course to Cathy at CPC and Dr Evan Lewis for always being available to FaceTiming with us. We have some amazing Nurses who now call themselves Advanced Diabetic Foot care Nurses.

I am so proud of what we have built as a team and what it is we stand for. It’s about supporting each other and not about the cash flow. It’s about working together on what we are all passionate about. We want to be able to help each other succeed together.

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