About Us

Our Goals Mission and Values

  • Prevention is Key
  • To promote Education and teaching
  • To raise awareness about Gold Standard Foot Care and Infection Control

Therapeutic relationship is established and maintained by the nurse through the nurse’s use of professional nursing knowledge, skill, and caring attitudes and behaviours to provide nursing services that contribute to the client’s health and well-being. The relationship is based on trust, respect and intimacy and requires the appropriate use of the power inherent in the care provider’s role. (cno.org)

Experienced Foot Care Nurses and Lead Educators Voted Favorite Foot Care Nurse in Ottawa 20/20 and Top Choice Mark of Excellence in Foot Care 20/21

27 plus years experience in the field of Nursing and 7 years of teaching Clinical Applications to Nurses from across Canada. 4 years and many classes later of preparing on site hands on nursing skill stations for Clinical Applications at TireSole™ With TiredSole™ being our host for Clinical Applications, we are blessed with the ability to send new and experienced foot care nurses out for Mentorship in many different avenues that foot care may pertain too. WE pride ourselves with top notch infection control and the latest skills and techniques in Advanced Diabetic Foot Care. We adhere to the CAFCN’s New National Competencies and teach accordingly. You won’t go wrong with us, we will add value and a wide range of new skills for Advanced Diabetic Nurses and will give a sold foundation to any Nurse qualified to take our course. APPLY TODAY

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