Business and Accounting

WE Call it Business FootPrints 2.0

In the 7 plus years I have been teaching and mentoring Nurses from all positions of Nursing, I always come to the same conclusion WE ARE NURSES not Business Admin. Nurses have very little background in Accounting and or administrative duties, Health Care professionals chart on a Healthcare specific charting format, in most cases paper charts, even in this day in age.

What do Nurses know about expenses?

What do Nurses know about being an Entrepreneur ?

Do Nurses know anything about being a Sole Proprietor ?

More and More we are seeing Health care professionals with all types of experience decide they want to break free from shift work and Hospital / Agency politics. Support Staff are going off to help with private care, Nurses leaving to work for Dr’s Offices or small self made clinics to better assist patients without the looming rath of CCAC. I mean it’s why I became a Foot Care Nurse. I felt, even though I loved my job as a wound care Nurse, I loved the community aspect of the freedom to move as I please, BUT I actually worked on strict guidelines put forth by CCAC. As incredibly helpful as CCAC is, at times we just did not agree.

I have decades of experience as a nurse. Acute care, geriatric, Memory care, home care, D.O.C., geeez the list goes on. I took all that worked and all that didn’t work and applied it to what I do now. TiredSole™, My Baby wow has it grown in 4 years, 1/2 Million dollars grown, I mean wow.

Every Nurse we interview, the terror in most when we say THIS IS A CONTRACTED POSITION. It’s not so scary when your off on your own, making your own schedules, writing off your car, your gas, rooms in your home, even some get a ways ( 2 a year I believe ).

Knowledge is Power Right ?

I’m offering this amazing 2 day course to help myself as well as anyone in the position of being in charge of their own finances, all the Health Care Sole proprietors out there. I have teamed up with an amazing Accountant to start us off and then will continue follow up with a business guru to help with pushing you to think like a Business with branding and Marketing

Guaranteed to start you up on the right FOOT hahha

Please respond to if your interested in May 18th and 19th 09-5pm limited to 10 spots $350 for the weekend Book On Line

Day 1 and 2 included but not limited to : Overview of a Sole Proprietor, To incorp or not to incorp. Setting up a Business plan ( interactive ) will go step by step ~ ipad or lap top required, How to register your business if needed. Best Practices for receipt and invoice management. ( amazing demo’s of new apps and test link for free trials )

Business Foot Print 2.0

Health Care professionals or any new Sole Proprietor


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